Red Light Therapy

Your future looks bright.

Your future looks bright.

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Brighten up your life with these awesome benefits:

Even without scented candles, red wine and bubbles, this is the best bath you’ll ever take -
and the benefits are life-changing:

Improves Skin Health

Red light therapy stimulates production of collagen and elastin which are what make skin firm, flexible and oh-so-supple.

When red light penetrates your skin, blood circulation improves, allowing your cells to efficiently repair areas that are damaged, wrinkled, stretched or scarred.

No more worrying about frown lines. Carry on, sourpuss.

Better Sleep

Exposure to bright blue light (think your phone and computer screen) and lack of time spent in natural light can disrupt your circadian rhythm and ravage your sleep.

Are you reading this on a screen while indoors? Thought so. Red light therapy is for YOU.

Red light resets your body’s natural sleep cycle so you can get deep, quality sleep.

Disclaimer: you cannot sleep at Onix overnight.

Boosts Mental Acuity

Want to improve how well your brain processes and responds? When shined on your noggin, near infrared wavelengths of light can reach the mitochondria of your brain cells. When these little powerhouses get ramped up, cellular energy production gets turbocharged, improving brain function.

So take your thinking cap off before entering.

Stimulate Hair Growth

Red Light Therapy promotes blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles. This enhanced circulation delivers a surge of oxygen and vital nutrients directly to the roots, fostering an environment conducive to healthy hair growth.

No more coating your hair and scalp in peanut butter. Yes, we Googled strangest hair growth remedies.

Decrease Inflammation and Pain

Chronic pain sucks, and inflammation is often the culprit. Red light gives your mitochondria a little nudge to produce anti-inflammatory antioxidants. These ease inflammation and the pain that comes with it. A bright red light might not give your eyeballs the warm fuzzies, but your body finds it super soothing.

Enhanced Performance

Did you know that our red light therapy panels are the same ones used by the San Francisco 49ers?! Red light is ideal for performance because it stimulates cellular energy, which in turn stimulates the body’s ability to repair.

Whether you’ve spent 60 minutes being tackled by NFL linebackers or 60 minutes in an Onix class, Red Light Therapy speeds up your body’s ability to recuperate.

If it’s good enough for future Hall-of-Fame running back, Christian McCaffrey, it’s good enough for you.

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Red Light Protocol:

Cleanse your skin.
Put on protective eyewear.
Find a comfortable position for your 10 minute session.
Relax and avoid any unnecessary movements.

For optimal benefits (based on research), we recommend 3-5 sessions per week

Frequently Asked Questions

Red Light Therapy

How should I prepare?

We recommend removing makeup, moisturizers, jewelry and clothing. They’re not dangerous to have on, but they may obstruct the areas you want to treat from all that red light goodness.

What should I wear during treatment?

The protective eyewear we’ll provide you with. Other than that, you can go au naturel if you’d like.

How long is each session?

10 minutes. Bada bing, bada boom.

When is the best time to use Red Light Therapy?


If you want a little pre-workout energy, do a session prior to your pump.

If you want to speed up your body’s ability to recuperate, do a session after an Onix class.

If you're using it to improve skin, hair or mental acuity, then anytime works.

If you want deeper sleep, then relatively close to your bedtime is best.*

* Note: We will not adjust our closing hours based on your sleep schedule.

What should I do after my session?

No specific post-treatment care. Just put your clothes back on before leaving.

How often should I use Red Light Therapy to get the maximum benefits?

Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to red light therapy. We recommend using the device 3-5 times per week.

But choose a frequency that’s best for you based on your goals and how you respond to treatment. Individual results vary and take time, so be patient!

Are there any risk factors to this treatment?

We always recommend consulting with your healthcare provider for questions about your specific health concerns. With that said, our device only uses the red and near infrared wavelengths that are clinically-proven to be effective and safe for most people.

But some folks who should avoid this treatment are:

- Those who are photosensitive.
- Those using topical, oral, or injectable steroids.
- Those in the healing period post Lasik eye surgery.
- Those who are pregnant or lactating.
If you experience any adverse effects from the treatment, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.

Is it hot?

Looks like it from the pictures, but not in real life. Like that last Tinder date.
Ba-Dum-Tss (that was a drum rimshot).

Will I get a tan from this treatment?

No, that’s UV light from sunshine you’re thinking of. We provide that treatment outside - free of charge.

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