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Long Beach’s premiere circuit training gym and recovery lounge to help you
| your best.

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Is Onix Fitness the best gym for you?

Are you tired of working out alone and not getting results?

Doing boring, ineffective workouts by yourself is like drinking a black, decaf cup of coffee. Some people do it, and they're called weirdos.

At Onix, the lighting and music are immersive, the workouts are optimally designed by our squad of coaches, and everyone is on your team. Fun, progress and community are blended in to give you an addictive experience. We’re the 5 shot Frappuchino of gyms.

Are you intimidated by group classes?

Gymtimidation? Well, we have good news:

1) Everyone at Onix is pretty cool. Except Troy.

And 2) At Onix, everything is tailored to you: your weights, your pace, your fitness level.

Our playlists though - let’s be reasonable.

Do you only have so much time to workout?

Don’t worry, busy bee. No lollygagging here. Our 50-minute muscle-building, heart-pounding, action-packed workouts are planned to the second. Your type A-ness will love it. Hope you didn’t read that last part out loud.

Don’t want to think about your workout?

Leave your brain in your locker because our super smart coaches (and Troy) scrutinize over every programming detail: the training split, exercise selection, rep schemes, tempo.

They put hours in every week designing the perfect program so you can just show up, get coached, have fun, and see the results you’ve been dreaming of. It’s a no-brainer.

Stiff? Stressed? Straining?

We’ve got your back (and your glutes, arms and abs).

Our coaches (all certified personal trainers) are masters at modifying your workout to accommodate your aches and pains.

They’re also sticklers for proper form, effective warm-ups and sufficient cool downs. Get super strong, super safely.

But wait, there’s more! After you crush your workout, head upstairs to the recovery lounge. Cold Plunge, Infrared Sauna, NormaTec Compression, Red Light Therapy: We’ve got all the cool toys to make you feel like a million bucks (minus the cost of membership).

Iconix Fitness presents Onix Fitness:

a brand new Long Beach studio specializing in circuit-training and recovery to help you look and feel your best.

Our Coaches

Our |

We scoured Long Beach to find you the most qualified, likable coaches to make your fitness dreams a reality. And we also hired Troy.

Your strongest body, and way more:


As an Onix member, you’ll be confident on two levels:
You’ll know  you’re getting the best workout because:
Every coach is highly trained (and has raving fans).
The equipment selection is unmatched.
You’ll see your strength build every week.
Heart rate monitors and InBody scans will prove you're improving.
You’ll leave every class feeling infinitely better about yourself.


Life is better when your mind and body feel good. That’s why our recovery lounge is the perfect compliment to your new turbocharged training regimen:

Try all four methods and you’ll feel five years younger in one hour. Unless you are five. Can you even read this?


Our mission is twofold:
Bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.
Make that bridge AWESOME.
Energetic music.
Cool lighting.
Coaches with personality.
Classmates that feel like teammates.
Exciting challenges.
Group outings.
New friends.

Because if it’s not fun, what’s the point?

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Your Transformation Action Plan:

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After you fill out our submission form, we’ll reach out to answer any of your questions and book your first class at a time that works best for you. Unless that time is 3 AM.

Begin your transformation.

After you fall in love with that first class, look forward to more expertly designed workouts, a rejuvenating recovery lounge, and a really fun group of people cheering you on.

Look, feel and live your best.

Get ready to show up in the world empowered by a strong body and vibrant spirit. People will wonder what your secret is. Please tell them it’s Onix, like these very nice people…
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We have over 25 five-star reviews on Google

Whitney M

Great trainers who have deep knowledge in fitness and injury prevention as well as form. I’ve seen gains in my strength over the past 4 months and feel great after the sessions. Dedicating myself to this workout style has given me a sense of accomplishment and I’ve met good people who live locally! Excited for more!

Jessica R

As someone who has been to many gyms over the years, I can honestly say this is the best HIIT/strength group gym I’ve been to! The instructors are extremely knowledgeable & have PT certifications! The workouts are timed & they focus on a particular set of muscles leaving you sore… :)

Matthew L

I love this f*cking place. Everything you need under one roof.

Alyssa B

Obsessed!!!!  I was hesitant and a bit intimidated because strength and cardio fitness has always been a challenge for me..

I received one free class and now, I can't stop going!

Idk what the secret sauce is or how Onix has found such incredible people to run the gym, but I’m so beyond grateful for every one of them.

Amir H

First and foremost, the trainers at ONIX are truly top-notch! Their expertise, professionalism, and genuine passion for fitness shine through every session. If you are searching for a gym that offers exceptional trainers and an engaging group exercise program, look no further than ONIX Gym

Sara V

Omg this is the best place ever!!!

Michael S

This place is great. It’s like circuit training but with way better equipment than any other place. Full cages, barbells, and top notch cardio equip. The trainers are fun and full of energy, but also very helpful if you need help with the compound movements they have you doing!

Ray P

The workouts are intense and effective. Nice balance of strength and cardio workout. The instructors are knowledgeable on the movement and help stir up the high energy.

Michael J

This studio has made my life so much better. I love coming in here every day to get my workout in and now my recovery as well. The recovery center is beautiful. It’s clean, organized, and aesthetically pleasing.

Alex A

This gym is CHEF'S KISS to beginners and EVERYDAY LIFTERS.

You're like..ya ya..heard it before. But yes... this place accommodates ALL. From the person who's shy but wants to learn weights...but wont go to a gym cause its scary..to the I train 'LIKE ARNOLD.' (*insert Arnold voice)

Alyssa B

My body has gotten so much stronger in two months than any other gym experience. I've had personal trainers, did strength, hot yoga, and my own gym workouts (which were great) BUT the Onix instructors AND the equipment is physical fitness genius & FUNNNNN!

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ONIX vs The Competition

Get the most from your workout.

Barry's Bootcamp
Orange theory
Onix Fitness Logo
Adjustable Benches
Ski Ergs
Assault Bikes
Landmine Attachments
Squat Racks
Olympic Bars
Bumper Plates
Infrared Sauna
Cold Plunge
Red Light Therapy
Compression Therapy
Coach Troy
(our only blemish)

Frequently Asked Questions

The Workout

Why Onix?

There was a time you had to make compromises with your gym experience, because:

  • Big chain gyms have a lot of equipment, but usually lack soul.
  • Group Fitness Studios have an element of fun, but the workouts are often aimless.
  • CrossFit Boxes may get you strong, but can take "No Pain, No Gain" a little too far.
  • And you can only strengthen two limbs at boutiques because they cost an arm and a leg.

And then Onix Fitness was born: A strength-focused circuit training gym featuring:

  • Tons of equipment and personality.
  • Workouts you'll LOVE carefully crafted by certified personal trainers.
  • A community of encouraging humans that push you the right amount.
  • A one-stop shop to meet all of your workout and recovery needs.

No more dull environments, unproductive workouts, pain glorifying, or needing multiple boutique memberships to get a complete program.

Yup, well-equipped classes designed by personal trainers combined with a team environment means you can achieve optimal results AND maximal enjoyment with zero compromise. Oh, and there's a pretty sweet recovery lounge? Yes, please.

I haven't done circuit training before or I don't feel very fit, will I be okay?

Our coaches all have experience working with fitness rookies and seasoned athletes. We've designed these classes so anyone can be challenged regardless of fitness level or experience. Your weights, your pace.

We want you as you are, and LOVE helping you get to where you want to be.

Unless where you want to be is another gym. Then you're dead to us.

How often should I take class?

Ideally 5x per week, hitting all four Signature Strength days and one Full Send class.

But we know 5 days per week doesn't work for everyone, so here's what we recommend based on your schedule:

4x / week: 4 Signature Strength classes.

3x / week: 1 upper body Strength, 1 lower body Strength, 1 Full Send.

2x / week: 1 upper body Strength, 1 lower body Strength.

1x / week: 1 Full Send.

0x / week: Thanks for the free money.

Can I do more than one class in a single day?

You could, but we don't recommend it. But if you took one of Troy's classes first and need a palate cleanser, we understand.

What happens if I'm late for a session?

Don't find out. But seriously, we won't let you in the class after 10 minutes. It's a safety thing - we're not just being spiteful.

Booking Classes

How do I book a session?

Step 1: Download the Mywellness app by clicking the button below and create your account.

Step 2: Find the Class Schedule tab on the homepage and tap SEE ALL.

Step 3: Select the day, choose your class, and tap BOOK.

How far in advance can I book?

72 hours - get your alarm set!

How does the waitlist work?

If you’re at the top of the queue, you’ll be notified when an open spot is available. Might want to grab a lotto ticket on your way to class - it’s your lucky day.

Can I cancel a class?

Is it Troy's class? We get it. Just cancel up to an hour before class to avoid getting charged.

What happens if I don't show up?

We charge you $10 and donate it to a cause you're vehemently against.

Kidding about the last part, but we do have a $10 no-show fee, so just avoid that by canceling up to an hour before class.

The Studio

What do I need to bring?

We like coffee and treats.

What to bring for yourself? Depends on what you're doing…

Onix Class: Athletic wear, shoes, water, and if you have one, a bluetooth Heart Rate monitor to quantify your effort in real time.

Cold Plunge: Bathing suit and resilience.

Infrared Sauna: Bathing suit or gym clothes and hydration for afterward.

NormaTec Compression: Tight fitting clothing and perhaps something to occupy your mind.

Red Light Therapy: Nada. We'll provide protective eyewear.

Apparel Shopping: Some form of payment will be useful.

Do you have open gym time?

Nope. We're a class-based, gonna-tell-you-exactly-what-to-do-for-optimal-results kind of gym.

But if you're a free-spirit who needs more autonomy, you can always upgrade your membership to include Iconix to take advantage of their multiple weight floors (and ocean views).

Do you have lockers?

Sure do. Please use them. No one wants to trip on your stuff.

What do you provide?

Intangible: Confidence, Vitality and Fulfillment

The tangible stuff you probably had in mind:

Locker rooms, showers, toiletries, hair-dryers, towels, coffee in the recovery lounge, energy drinks / protein shakes for purchase, premium athletic wear for sale, Cold Plunge, Infrared Sauna, NormaTec Compression, Red light Therapy, InBody scans, AMAZING classes, and classes with Troy.

Can I leave my kids and pets in the lobby?

We're sure they're wonderful, gifted and super well behaved, but no.

How old do I have to be to come to Onix?

We get it - Onix is way more fun than your high school gym class. So when you're 15 years old, you can workout at Onix, but you must be accompanied by an adult until you're 18.


Can I freeze / cancel my membership?

Yes, but you must submit a handwritten, double-spaced, 10-page essay in APA format justifying your reason.

Or if you're in a rush, you can just fill out a quick form by hitting the button below and a membership advisor will contact you to complete the freeze / cancellation. Easy.

Can I use my membership at all Onix locations?

Yes. Also, we only have one.

BUT, for a small monthly fee, you can upgrade your membership to include Iconix Fitness so you can take advantage of an open gym, specialty class formats and those sweet ocean views.


How many services can I take in one day?

You can book each service once per day, with the exception of NormaTec Compression therapy.

We offer 30 minute sessions for NormaTec, but allow you to book multiple sessions in case you want to hit more body parts or if the show you’re watching is just getting to the good part.

How do I book a recovery session?

    • Step 1: Download the Vagaro app by clicking on the button below and create your account.
    • Step 2: Search for Onix Fitness and then bookmark us.
    • Step 3: Click the “Book” button, select your service, day and time.

    Can I bring a guest?

    We encourage it. There’s an option to add a guest (for $15) when you book the service on the Vagaro app.

    You can even book the room for a private recovery party for up to 6 people.
    It’s the only party you leave detoxicated. Call the club for details: (562) 438-6649

    Do you have FAQs about each service?

    Yup. We have separate pages for each individual service with everything you need to know:

    Cold Plunge Page
    Infrared Page
    NormaTec Page
    Red Light Therapy Page


    How do I give feedback to Onix?

    If it's positive, share it on Google, Yelp, your dating profile, wherever. If it's negative, keep it to yourself.

    JK. Please share any and all feedback with us by clicking the button below.

    Why are you picking on Troy?

    Because he can do this and we’re jealous.

    Get your first class free