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Squeeze the most out of life.

Specifically, |.

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Like a personal masseuse you don’t feel obligated to talk to…or tip. Here are the other benefits:

Even without scented candles, red wine and bubbles, this is the best bath you’ll ever take -
and the benefits are life-changing:

Stimulate post workout recovery

Your Onix coaches push you hard. Reward your wobbly legs with post-workout compression (if you can make it up the stairs).

Through pulsing massage, the NormaTec offers targeted pressure to your sapped extremities which reduces inflammation and increases blood flow. This means your muscles get fresh, nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood and lactic acid gets the boot. Literally.

Reduce inflammation and swelling

Do you know what your lymphatic system does? It’s super important, much like your inbox’s spam filter.

Basically, it sifts out toxins, infection and disease from your bloodstream so your body can eliminate them later. But if your blood circulation is slowed down (which is common given our modern lifestyle), your lymphatic system can’t do its job. This can lead to frequent illness or delayed recovery.

The NormaTec gets that blood a flowin’, letting your lymphatic system do what it does best... send that spam (waste in your blood) to the junk folder (liver and kidneys) so you can “delete all” later.

Yes, "delete all" is a pooping euphemism. Poo-phemism.

YOU Time

While your body is being pampered, you have 30 to 60 minutes of free time. Relax, meditate, write that chapter of your memoir, catch up on emails or Bravo.

The options are endless - unless they require standing.

Comforting Rejuvenation

Compression therapy is like giving your arms and legs a hug. Yes, it applies pressure to the treated region, but the experience is nothing short of soothing.  You’re gonna love it.  Unless you hate hugs.

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NormaTec Protocol:

Put on the Normatec sleeves making sure to align the correct sleeve with the desired limb.
Power on and select desired pressure level and time. If you’re newer to compression therapy, start at a lower pressure level and gradually increase based on comfort.
Enjoy your session while this magic machine does its work.
After you're done, power off and remove the sleeves.
Hydrate and do some light movement to enhance the recovery benefits.

For optimal benefits, we recommend doing two to four 30-minute sessions per week.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long is each session?

You’ll get maximum benefits from 20 - 30 minute sessions.

We book out 30 minutes at a time, but feel free to book back-to-back sessions if you want to hit different body parts or plan on streaming a 60-minute show.

Or back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back sessions if you’re watching a Scorsese film.

How often can you use NormaTec compression?

We recommend 2-4 times per week, but most people can typically use NormaTec Compression every day without health complications.

So you’re only limited by your hectic schedule and tons of responsibilities. Also, if that resonates, then you probably need a Normatec Recovery session.

Is NormaTec better before or after a workout?


Compression therapy before a workout warms up the muscles and can help increase range of motion.

Treatment after an intense workout can significantly speed up your recovery.

We would, however, advise against using the NormaTec sleeves during a workout.

Regardless of how funny it would be to watch.

When should I not use the NormaTec?

If you have any of the following:

- Current fractures / breaks.
- Had recent surgery or have sutures / stitches.
- Open wounds, contusions, abrasions.
- Suspect or known blood clot.

Also while standing or driving.

What should I wear for my NormaTec Sessions?

We suggest that you wear compression leggings or tight fitting shorts to allow your legs to slide easily into the boot.

Ugh, just when baggy pants are coming back into style.

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